Friday, February 26, 2010

berlingo tutorial

these are the examples of ornaments you can make using berlingo shapes.

It is better to use thin carton.
Glue together the shaded parts

wrap 1-2 sides and fix the last side with glue

You can use double-sided tape to hold thread on its place though when using cotton thread that is unnesessary.

Fix the thread at the corner (you can use clear nail polish), wrap along the sides. Fix the thread at each corner.

If you wish to use several colors, cut the thread and fix it with clear nail polish; fix the new thred at the same place

Finished bottom/top


  1. Hi, The pictures are great! I didn't quite understand how to intertwine two colors of thread. I tried to look up "berlingo" on the internet, but only found info about citroen cars. Does it have a different name?

  2. There is no any secret - just keep on wrapping with the next color, it will show up by itself.
    :) I know, I tried it myself. It seems that citroen with the name is very popular :). A year ago it was much easier to find the definition. Try and in russian (the same word - cyrillic alphabet). It will give you several image examples.

  3. Hi.
    Is there any oyher way to fix the thread then with nail polish?

  4. Hi,
    You can try any instant transperent glue. Apply it with a toothpick (or smth of the sort) to control the amount.